Article I–Name

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Cedar Falls Pickleball Club.

Article II–Purpose

Section 1. To provide a fun, healthy, recreational activity for all Members and guests.

Article III–Membership

Section 1. Anyone is eligible for membership, and each Member shall have one vote.

Section 2. Members will abide by the bylaws and actively support and participate in club functions.

Section 3. Membership will be terminated by voluntary withdrawal, nonpayment of dues or assessments, violation of the provisions of these bylaws, or Violation of published rules, guidelines and regulations promulgated by the Cedar Falls Pickleball Club Advisory Committee.

Article IV–Meetings

Section 1. There will be a minimum of two meetings per year, one summer and one winter, with dates and times determined by current needs.

Section 2. Special meetings may be called by the President or upon request of at least three members. Such meetings shall have at least three days’ notice given to members regarding time, place and agenda.

Section 3. An annual meeting shall be held in the month of June each year, for the purpose of electing officers, needs assessment and general planning for the season’s activities.

Section 4. A quorum shall consist of at least one officer and 10% of the club membership.

Article V–Dues & Assessments and Fundraising

Section 1. Annual dues of $25.00 ($10 for students) shall be required to be eligible for full participation as a member of this Club, including play in Club Tournaments. The membership may agree to other assessments to cover maintenance and equipment replacement needs.

Section 2. If someone wishes to join the club after December 1st they will be required to pay $15.00 instead of the full amount.

Section 3. All expenditures over $250, considered for payment by the Club, must be approved in advance by a majority of the Club members and documented by a receipt for reimbursement.  Purchases below $250, considered for payment by the club, must be approved by a majority of the Advisory Committee.  The treasurer shall maintain those records.

Section 4. The Club may engage in fundraising activities to enhance pickleball facilities and support pickleball play. Fundraising projects must be approved by a majority of the members.

Article VI–Officers and their Duties

Section 1. The elective officers of the club shall be: President, Vice-President, At Large, Secretary and Treasurer. Any active member of the Club is eligible for these offices.

Section 2. The Past President shall continue in an advisory capacity for one year following their term.

Section 3.  Terms of office shall be one year, from June 1st thru May 31st each year. Vacancies in any office may be filled by the President but then ratified by a majority of the members at the next scheduled meeting.

Section 4. Duties of Officers:

President: Shall assume club leadership, preside at all meetings, appoint chairs of committees, call special meetings as needed, and generally be a spokesperson for the Club. He/she shall be responsible for coordination with city officials and other clubs as needed. He/she shall also be responsible for issuing Guidelines & Rules for club’s activities when there are safety concerns or other requirements not covered in these bylaws.

Vice-President: Shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence. He/she shall also chair the Advisory Committee and generally assist the club in all functions as necessary.

At Large: Shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence of both the President and Vice-President and generally assist the Club in all functions as necessary.

Secretary: Shall take minutes of Club meetings, is responsible for determining if quorum exists, and shall notify club membership of changes in Club’s officers.

Treasurer: Shall collect dues and assessments, disburse all funds and provide an oral financial report for each regular meeting, and a written financial report for each member for the annual meeting.

Article VII–Committees

Section 1. A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President at least sixty days prior to the annual meeting. The committee shall consist of at least three members, and present a nomination for each office to be filled thirty days prior to the annual meeting. The list shall be posted at the Pickleball courts. Paper ballots shall be used.

Section 2. The President may appoint special committees as needed. (Tournament, Telephone, Social, Rules, etc).

Article VIII   Fiscal Year

Section 1. The fiscal year of the Club shall start the 1st day of June and shall end the 31st day of May of the next year.

Article IX–Amendments

Section 1. The bylaws may be amended by two-thirds majority vote of the members in attendance, after an explanation and discussion of the proposed changes.

Article X–Dissolution

Section 1. On Dissolution of the club, all funds remaining in the treasury shall be given to the Cedar Falls Recreation Center.

Section 2. All equipment purchased or donated to the club shall be given to the Cedar Falls Recreation Center, for use by the CF Recreation Center.


Adopted by the Club       May 5, 2017    Date      Jennifer Eslick, Secretary



President – John Hartman


Vice President – Mark Rhoades


At Large – Ward Stubbs


Secretary – Jenny Eslick


Treasurer – Bill Calhoun