Gamma Twister Paddle Review

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Please read this nice review from member Clare Struck:

I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked this paddle when I played with it. I have been looking for a back up to the paddle I have been using since I took up Pickleball three years ago.  I was skeptical because I have tried various other paddles but they just didn’t give me similar play as my older paddle. The Gamma Twister is the perfect back up paddle for me!

The thing I liked most about this paddle is the sense of touch and control it has. I found it worked well with my forehand and backhand lobs and spin shots. It has a nice soft touch that helped  keep my lobs in the court. And, I also could get the power and deep placement I like on my serve. I am working on improving my dink game and I found I could get better control of them with this paddle.

Again, this is where the nice touch of this paddle was helpful. I have been using a raised grip that works well since my hands get quite sweaty when I play. I was pleased with how I could maintain a solid grip on the honeycomb cushion grip of this paddle.

The second day I played with this paddle I went back to my old paddle so the Gamma Twister could be available to other players. I found that I wanted to switch back to it because it really seemed to help my game.

However, another club member was trying it out at that time. One of our club’s stronger players commented how well I played when using the Gamma Twister. The consensus of the feedback I got from other members of our Club, who tried this paddle, was that it is best suited for players who like a light weight paddle.

In conclusion, I would recommend the Gamma Twister paddle to players who prefer a light weight paddle that gives them finesse and control. Yet, it can also generate power shots and return hard hit balls. On behalf of the Cedar Falls Pickleball Club, I would like to thank Pickleball Central for giving us this opportunity to try out this paddle and other paddles in the future. Personally, I enjoyed being able to try out a paddle before ordering it!   I have a feeling the Gamma Twister will be taking the place of my older paddle quite soon!

Clare Struck

Cedar Falls Pickleball Club Member

And another review of this paddle from player Charles Blair-Broker!

I couldn’t resist picking up the Twister for a couple games the other morning. After all, the Twister is a great name for a pickleball paddle, isn’t it?  Thus equipped, I would be like a tornado on the court with moves that would have me Twistin’ USA right along with Chubby Checker. And, just like the old game, I’d get my left foot on the red circle and my right hand on the blue circle so effectively that I could reach any dink and react to any smash. Best of all, with the Twister I’d be able to get as much torque on the ball as Steve J. The name told me this weapon would be the answer to all my paddle prayers.

Alas, my imagination outran my ability. I lost both games I played with the Twister. That’s not to say I didn’t like the paddle. I did. It felt good in my hand and I appreciated the fact it was a bit longer than my Z5 (I need all the reach I can get). The added length made it feel just a tad heavier, but I suspect that’s just a matter of getting used to the length. It seemed to have a decent sweet spot—not that I hit it all that often—and the surface really did provide enough grip to get some good spin on the ball.

All in all, it was a good paddle with no obvious flaw. I think any recreational-level player would be happy with it.