Welcome to Cedar Falls Pickleball!

Hey Pickleball players…. it’s time and we need your help!

As you know, the Cedar Falls Pickleball Club has been working with the city of Cedar Falls to develop a plan for a dedicated outdoor pickleball complex. The city has budgeted funds for this project and it has submitted a letter of intent to the Black Hawk Gaming Commission as the first step in applying for a grant to help fund the complex as well.

We are excited to let you know we are now ready to reach out to our members to generate support for our pickleball complex.

Here’s what we know:

At this time the project, located at Orchard Hill Park, consists of 8 courts, with the possibility of a 9th court if funds allow. The approximate budget is $120,000. To send a clear message to the City of Cedar Falls and the Gaming Commission that the Cedar Falls Pickleball Club is behind this effort, we have established a goal of raising $10,000 towards this project. In fact, we feel that we can raise even more…did someone say $25,000?…. so that we can be assured that the complex will be something we can all be really proud of upon completion.  We have established an account in the Cedar Falls Community Foundation so that your gift to this project will be tax deductible! 

If all goes well, construction could begin next summer!

Here are the ways you can support this project:

Cash gifts

You can write a check out to the Cedar Falls Community Foundation Pickleball Fund and send it to:

Cedar Falls Community Foundation

PO Box 546

Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Appreciated stock

You can transfer appreciated stock directly to our account in the CF Community Foundation. Call or email Cyndi Sweet, the Foundation Executive Director (her contact information is below) if you wish to do this.

 IRA required minimum distribution

For those of us over 70½, you may direct all or a portion of your required minimum distribution from your IRA directly to the CF Community Foundation. You will not pay tax on this distribution. A great and painless way to give! Contact Cyndi Sweet in the CF Community Foundation (contact information below) if you are interested in doing this.

Credit cards

If you wish to charge a gift the project, you can go on-line to the CF Community Foundation’s secure website and charge your gift. Here is the CF Community Foundation’s website:                                                                     http://www.cf-communityfoundation.org

Click on “How to Give” and select the Pickleball Club Fund from the drop-down box


If it helps you make a larger commitment you may pledge your gift over a 2 year period of time. Since the Community Foundation is not set up to handle pledges, the CF Pickleball Club will monitor the pledge and send you a reminder when your second payment is due.  Please use the pledge card below to make your commitment.

Gift recognition

We will have a donor plaque at the courts to recognize those who are making a special commitment to this project. Recognition will be at the following levels:

$250-499  bronze level

$500-999  silver level

$1000+      gold level

Name a court with gifts of $5000 and above

For those who want to make a significant commitment to the project we will recognize gifts of $5000 and above by naming a court after the donor or in recognition of someone of the donor’s choosing.

If you have any questions please contact any member of the CF Pickleball Club Advisory Committee: John Hartman, Mark Rhoades, Jenny Eslick, Ward Stubbs, Clare Struck or Bill Calhoun



Yes! I/We want to support the new Cedar Falls Pickleball Complex project.

Name __________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________


Email address ___________________________________________

Phone ________________________

Total amount of gift/pledge $_________

____Yes, I/we want to pledge over a two-year period of time $ _____ in ’17 and $_____ in ’18

Please indicate how you want your name listed for recognition purposes


Return to The CF Community Foundation

PO Box 546

Cedar Falls, IA 50613


Cyndi Sweet, Executive Director

Phone: 243.9170

Email: cfcf@cfu.net

Website: www.cf-communityfoundation.org

On behalf of the Cedar Falls Pickleball Club, thank you very much for your support! A receipt for your tax-deductible gift will be sent to you by the CF Community Foundation.