Member Info

Cedar Falls Pickleball Club

Advisory Committee:

President                     John Hartman

Vice President             Mark Rhoades

Treasurer                    Bill Calhoun

Secretary                     Jenny Eslick

At Large                      Ward Stubbs

Promotions                  Clare Struck

Social Chair                 Marcia Hartson


Dedicated Pickleball Courts

Brock Goos with the Cedar Falls Recreation Dept and Mark Ripplinger with the Cedar Falls Park and Rec Dept. have been very supportive of our group and our efforts to have dedicated Pickleball courts built in Cedar Falls.  The committee is working with the Parks and Rec department on funding for this project.

There is a good possibility that these courts will be built in the next year or two.  This all depends on funding.  We will actively look for donations from several sources, including the Gaming Commission.  To help our cause and put some “skin in the game”, our CF Pickleball Club has a goal of raising $10,000 towards new courts this year.  We hope to have a 501(c)3 set up soon so our donations will be tax deductible.

Dues – Our annual member dues are $25 per person, and $10 for students.  These funds will be used to buy Onix pickleballs (approx. $3 apiece) and also to put towards amenities for our future new courts, including benches, shading and other misc items.

These dues will need to be paid by July 1 each year. We have a checking account for our club so members may pay with a check, written to CF Pickleball club.  These checks may be sent to Bill Calhoun, 1614 Cherry Ln CF

We have a General Meeting twice a year, one in the winter and one in summer.

Recreational Play:

  • Players who wish to learn the game or develop their skills.
  • Players who prefer less aggressive, slower paced, more leisurely play.
  • Players at this session should expect partners and opponents to play within these parameters.

Competitive Play:

  • Players who are completely familiar with the game.
  • Players who enjoy both strategic slower pace as well as aggressive fast paced play.
  • Players at this session should expect their partners and opponents to play every shot for the win, as though it is tournament play.

Obviously, there will be different skill levels in each type of court.  You are welcome to play on any court you choose, realizing the type of play there.


Court Play and Court Etiquette – John Hartman stated the first rule is to HAVE FUN!

(Also, be careful not to fall down.  Please don’t walk backwards to get a lob – try to turn your body and go sideways to back of court.)

Court Etiquette

Please be considerate of other players!  We all want to play and we are all at different levels of skill.

Along with the rules suggested below, please be welcoming to our new players and players of different skill levels.  It helps everyone’s game to play with higher level players.  That means at times you will play with players of less skill.  Use this time to help them and also to work on your “softer” shots.  The goal is to make play fun for all!

Please put your paddle by the court you wish to play on!   That will let those players know that you want to play there.  At the end of the game, those first two paddle/players will enter the game.  If you don’t have a paddle down by a court, players may assume you are resting at the side lines and are not ready to play.

2 In – 2 Out Rule:

If all courts are in use and there are people waiting to play, we will follow the 2 in – 2 out rule. When a game is over, the losers will leave the court. When new players enter to play, the winners would split unless agreed upon by all players to stay together.  Try to “level” out the player skill on both sides.

When this game is over, the losers would leave, as well as any player(s) who has played two consecutive games. This system will insure that no one should have to wait too long to play, and players will be able to play multiple games during the daily playing period if they desire. If there are no paddles down by that court, those players may continue to play.

If courts are very crowded:

We will work on this as we go, but when courts are very busy, it may be declared that games should only go to the score of 9.

We may also declare 4 in 4 out.  All four players would leave the court so four more can come in.




Your comments!  We welcome input from our members.  If you have suggestions regarding Recreational and Competitive play, or any other item, please talk to a committee member.